How to get the total no. of Chapters

karthik8583 Community Member Posts: 63
HiThis is a long shot, but a challenge is a challenge....Create a few variables as you need them for start create a variable called chaptercounter we will use this variable on the first screen and if set to 0 (default) we will do the following mad count. At the end of the count set chaptercounter to 1 so that when you return to the beginning of the course it does not count each time (loop). Make it a persistent variable so it does not count for a returning userthen create a variable called numberofchapterscounter and one called beenherebefore both default to 0on the first screen of every chapter place an action group that adds 1 to the numberofchapterscounter, then performs a goto next chapter, make this conditional that it only does it if chaptercounter =0on the last chapter set chaptercounter=1 to stop the loop and then goto first page in course conditional that beenherebefore=0 when you return to first page set beenherebefore=1 on the condition that chaptercounter=1 make it persistent this will stop the looping when you dont want it.your variable numberofchapterscounter will have the number of chapters in could do the same for sections at the same time.If the goto command is the first thing on the page, the hope is it will trigger before anything loads and create the count for you.With all that said, don't you already know how many chapters if you built them?A challenge is a challengeNeilEdited By: Trainer1 on 2008-11-5 18:40:18