Scorm course

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Hi Kai-Thanks for the additional information! What LMS are you using?A couple things to remember...SCORM 1.2 does not track the individual results of each question. This is how we do it for our published titles into Oracle's PeopleSoft LMS 9.0. 1. Go to your Title properties and under the Content tab, select AICC/SCORM/COURSEMILL2. Change the AU name (I usually use the same name as my title property. (AU name is a value you can view in the LMS). 3. Go to your test properties and select the Results tab and select Grade the Test and Include Test Score in Overall Score (put in your lowest passing score). 4. You may need to change the point value for test questions if you want them weighted differently...if not disregard. 5. On your last page (in my case it is the Closing page) you will need to add a "Done" button with an action: On - Show, Action - Modify Variable, Target - AICC_Lesson_Status...this is where it could get interesting depending on your LMS. For PeopleSoft, the Value should be "C" (capital letter, but some LMS's need lowercase, some need "completed" spelled out). 6. Condition: AICC_Score has a relationship of Greater Than or Equal to and the value should be your value #3. 7. Else, may or maynot be needed depending on your LMS. When you select Publish SCORM location, we have changed the CourseID to the ID's we use in the LMS. We also have to unselect the 2nd button (report Test info to the LMS). From there, we publish to a folder on my C drive and then unzip the published file into the folder where your LMS will pull the information from. With our LMS we must rezip the file imsmanifest.xml and then we select all the files and rezip them. You also mentioned documentation...I have what I just wrote out above with snapshots of the process that I can email you if you want (I haven't cleaned it up yet, as it is still a work in progress!). But, Lectora has some great documentation that you can find at: Pittman also has great references for the how-to's of Lectora at: only other thing I would recommend is a spreadsheet of exactly what changes you made in Lectora for each test into the LMS. We didn't start ours until after our 20+ test launch. If you get errors, I would also suggesting seeing if your LMS has a debugger and turn on Lectoras...which you can do when publishing. I realize this is a lot of information , but hopefully it will help and if you have other questions please ask!Again, I am new at this...with that in mind...if anyone else has other suggestions, let us both know!