Scorm course

kain Community Member Posts: 28
Hi Chris,thank you for your reply.Well I need to create Scorm compatible courses for our LMS. The LMS supports Scorm 1.2.When I tell a title that is is Scorm content I expect that I need to make some additional settings. It seems to me that just setting the Scorm flag does not make the course a scorm course. There seems to be no communication between course and LMS.At least no score out of the tests is transferred and no passed or failed information is sent to the LMS. Or let's say it is not stored in the LMS, I do not know if it is sent.I would be happy if there would be a kind of a how to tutorial available that helps me just creating a scorm 1.2 course from the scratch with only a couple of pages in there and one or two questions that will be evaluated.I want the course to 'passed' if 80% of the questions are answered correctly. If it is failed I want to see this in the LMS also.If the test was not started I want the course status to be set to 'incomplete' in the LMS.Or something similar. Once this works I think I will be able to adapt this to my exact needs.Thanks in advance!Cheers,Kai