toc icons not found

kain Community Member Posts: 28
Hey guys,after publishing a title that has a toc included and running it in my browser, fiddler recognizes that all the toc icons are missing. Anyway, the icons are not stored on my pc anywhere. I desperately searched for them! Looks like:GET .../eps-kce-b t-g10/images/tocauicon.gif404 Not FoundGET .../eps-kce-b t-g10/images/tocchapicon.gif404 Not FoundGET .../download/eps-kce-b t-g10/images/tocpageicon.gif404 Not FoundGET .../eps-kce-b t-g10/images/tocquesicon.gif404 Not FoundGET .../eps-kce-b t-g10/images/toctesticon.gif404 Not FoundGET .../eps-kce-bt-g10/images/tocsecticon.gif404 Not FoundGET .../eps-kce-bt-g10/images/tocsurveyicon.gif404 Not FoundGET .../eps-kce-bt-g10/images/toctestsecticon.gif404 Not Foundetc...Is this a bug in 2008??? Edited By: KaiN on 2008-10-30 11:8:52