SCORM completion

pdobbs Community Member Posts: 16
The AICC Completion Status is used with SCORM 1.2, as well. We publish our courses to the SCORM 1.2 model, and I had to add that action to the Pass Test page to get my completions to be set in our LMS. If you've already set your course as SCORM 1.2, you should find a reserved variable in your list called "AICC_Lesson_Status". I have an action on my Pass Test page that goes:On: ShowAction: Modify VariableTarget: AICC_Lesson_StatusValue: completedModification Type: Set Variable Contents I'm probably not explaining this very well...sorry! Perhaps someone with more experience and/or a better explanation will come along. :)Edited By: Steph H on 2008-10-30 11:12:58