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whorah Community Member Posts: 151
I take it back. I do hate Times New Roman. And I'm also tired of Arial. They're almost as prevalant as these horrible political ads. Of course, I'll gladly take a TNR in place of the ghastly Comic Sans MS. One could make a horror movie filled with Comic Sans and IDs would run screaming from the theatre in pure panic.The bill stacking? Not so much. Of course, I would need to use cash in order to get change. Debit cards all the way. When imbibing in cash I do favor the coin change machines, though, as it's just cool to watch it roll down the little slide. My biggest pet peeves? I have so many. If we're talking stores, though, I hate when cashiers carry on a conversation with someone else while I'm in line then at the very end they give a "Have a nice day" as if that makes it all right. I was nice enough to hang up my cell phone before the transaction, so they should return the favor. :)You're right - this is a great Off Topic session.