Hyperlinking within a text box or table.

arodriguez Community Member Posts: 2
To create long pages with hyperlinks or buttons that go to points farther down (or up) the page, you have to create something for the actions to Scroll To. You have two choices.1. Create separate text boxes for each point you want to link to. Bad news here is if you add text to one text box, you have to move all the others down. 2. Insert images to link to in the text box.You can use a small transparent gif. Bad news is is that sometimes all the images end up at the top of the box. For that reason I like to use visible gifs. (I personally prefer this option.)Create a Go To action, specify the Current Page, and then specify the desired text block in option 1 or the image in option 2 in the Scroll To property of the Go To. If you want a complete worked example, go to my web store (link below) and search for Hyperlinks or look under the Lectora > Goodies category.