Captivate: Full Motion Recoding

yekki Community Member Posts: 1
I have been struggling importing Captivate flash files into Lectora. This is specifically related to when the .swf file references an additional full motion recording (FMR) .swf. I can't get the FMR to play and instead a "blip" or "gap" appears in the main flash file where the FMR should appear. I stumbled upon the following blog entry about this problem and thought I'd share it. My collegue and I also discovered a similar workaround that worked for us.--- "Integrating FMR slides to publish a single .SWFHere is a simple workaround to integrate external full motion recording (FMR) .SWF files and publish a single .SWF:1.     Publish your project to FlashPlayer 7 and call it, let's say, FMR 2.     In Edit mode, replace the full motion slide with a blank slide: 1.     insert a blank slide before or after the full motion slide 2.     match the slide time of the blank slide with the full motion slide 3.     delete the full motion slide 3.     Your published folder contains a file called FMR_Fullmotion1.swf. Insert this file in your blank slide 4.     Remove fade in/out effects 5.     Complete steps 2-4 for all other full motion slides 6.     Republish It's a workaround for now. The team is aware and we are looking into better options for Adobe Captivate 4." Source: