use variables to show hide items

claireb Community Member Posts: 60
You could do what you describe.Define a variable for that button. Let's call it ImageClicked. The initial value is "False". Assign an action to the button (or use the default action) to Modify Variable. The variable is ImageClicked. The value is set to "True". On page 2, create an action On Show. When page 2 shows, then you will also Show the image. Define the condition: If ImageClicked = "True". Edit: I assumed you meant in the same window. If page 1 and page 2 are in different windows (due to page 2 being a popup), then you can still pull it off. Set an action on page 2 On Timer. Set it for every second or so. Whenever the action pops off, it runs the action outlined above. It's not perfect, but it'll have some results. You could set the Timer to 0.1 seconds; if the project's not too complex, you shouldn't notice a performance issue.KevinEdited By: Kevin Elmore on 2008-9-30 10:51:42