Additional Files Addition

heyatjaan Community Member Posts: 10
Dear Sir/Madam,Can you explain me the instructions which you used to remove this problem. As i am unable to the same way as you did. When adding the document to the button and put the instructions on the click of the button and then the instruction " Launch program/document" and after that i attach the file but then also it doesn't ask me for POPUP window. Please can you help me out further. By the way thanks for your kind help.Waiting for your kind reply.Thank You.

jboardman wrote:

I had the same problem. The way I got around it was to put a button on the page that accesses a pop-up page with instructions and put the button accessing the external document there. Then the document shows up in the pop-up window instead of the main one, and when they close it, nothing interferes with continuing the lesson.I'd love a better methodology, but at least this does work.