3D Modeling

canyonkiva Community Member Posts: 44
Lectora might handle your navigation sequencing and LMS communication. Beyond that you have 2 tool selections to make. (1) the tool to build the models and to some degree the animations that support the interactions and (2) the toolset that supports authoring for distribution. For the 3D distribution you have a few options. The final selection will depend on your environment and how likely it is that you will be able to push a plug-in.You have a lot of choices in the area of model building and animation. Many of these are quite expensive. You will want to consider your authoring toolset as well as some toolsets support some modeling outputs better than others.Take, for instance, http://www.wirefusion.com. This is a Java applet driven 3D interaction distribution platform. The inputs are VRML. 3DSMax produces pretty clean VRML. Lightwave does as well. You may also have good luck with TrueSpace (microsoft) but I'm not sure.Other authoring and distribution tools include:http://www.dxstudio.comhttp://www.unity3d.com