Avoiding file Corruption

benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
I have to say that probably 98% of the time it works great! Just once in a while ... I recently had a client file I could not save and then reopen without a crash and then opening losing a good many pages. After much work, the above was my solution. Another approach is to simply make a quick copy of the .awt file (ctrl C, ctrl P) in the folder. Then you are safe. I think these approaches are equally good but overkill for normal titles. If you have one with 50+ actions on the page or some very complicated structure of objects and groups, then this doesn't take much and can save your back-side.I would advise it in ALL cases for anyone who does not have a WinZip job running every 15 minutes backing up just the .awt files with a time/date stamp. Soon I will publish a paper on how to do this in detail.