Avoiding file Corruption

benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
I have just had some luck avoiding file corruption AFTER Lectora blows off. If Lectora blows off and you try to open the file again, it will give you a couple of messages something like this is the wrong version of Lectora. It can be the AutoSave file - the one that begins with ~ or possibly the .ini file.PREVENTION: 1. AFTER Lectora blows off, copy the .awt file and the ~ file.2. Try to reopen the course. If it opens OK, drive on - you do not have a problem that the following will help with.3. If it does not open but instead gives the wrong version of Lectora error msg, then try opening the copy of the .awt file.Note that when you open the copy w/o renaming it, it does NOT use the .ini file which may be the cause of your problem. You can then delete the original .awt file and make ANOTHER COPY of the COPY .awt file and rename it back to the original file name. Rename the copy of the ~ file and delete the .ini file. Try that.These have worked for me in some cases. Not sure it would work in all. Edited By: Ben Pitman on 2008-9-13 8:7:5