Best Practices: Formatting/Consistency

slschuller Community Member Posts: 31
Happy Friday All :)I am wondering if you all would be willing to share some of your best practices/tips/tricks for maintaining layout consistency and formatting consistency.I have created library objects and templates and layouts, but the problem I'm running into is that if I wanted to create a question object with hide/show feedback in a text box (we don't want it to pop up) - then when the answers are longer than normal, they just start overlapping. It seems like everything is absolute positioning and not relative. I don't want to have to create a library object for multiple choice with 1 line answers, another for 2-line answers, etc. I'm guessing there must be some better way of doing this.Our Instructional Designers will be building the courses in the authoring tool. We don't want them shifting things around so I was locking the objects, but then if text doesn't fit it all overlaps.Anyone willing to share some of their tips/tricks on maintaining consistency?Thanks,Sherry