Question on timed tests

athanie Community Member Posts: 18
Hello Annie,        The first solution that comes to mind is using variables. For tracking the time spent on each page you must create variables for every page. Example: Page1, Page2, ect. Make sure to check the "retain value's between session" box so that it keeps adding to the variable everytime the user access's the page. Then simply create actions on every page level that add 1 to the variable every second. The action should look like this:Action Name: OnTimerModVarOn: Timer   Timer Interval: 1.0 secAction: Modify VariableTarget:Page1Value: 1Modification Type: Add to variableNow you have your variable "container of information" that stored the number of seconds spent on each page. For keeping track of the page count simply create a new set of variables for each page. Create another set of actions on each page level with the same properties as before except the On: Timer should be set to On: Show. Now the integer 1 will be added to your new variable every time the page is accessed.