Dynamic layering

kevinelmore Community Member Posts: 162
I've seen enough questions posted on this topic, that I decided to put this in the suggestion box.Since, some objects tend to stay on top (video and form entry fields are examples I've heard of), there is the potential of frustration as the author tries to maneuver the objects to not upstage each other, especially when a message or button is supposed to pop up on top of the object.This is obviously a layering issue, and most of the time it is fixable. Of course, it's not fixable at all for some objects.I think it'd be good to have variables for the layer position of objects. Actions can be tied to assigning the layer. So, if a video is supposed to have a text box placed on top of it, then something like this could be done:varVideoPos = Layer(Video)varTextPos = varVideoPos + 1Action: Set Text Layer = varTextPosIf that makes any sense. Not knowing all the details of the program, I don't know just how feasible this is, but I think it'd be a nice feature to add in a future patch. Kevin