"Publish to HTML" improvements

Here are some improvements that I'd like to see to the "publish to HTML" feature.1. The first time you publish, the publisher checks resources, and when everything clears this check, you then get a message stating that "Error Check Complete." You then hit the Publish button, which opens another window with an OK button. Once you click OK, another set of error checks is run. I'd like to have this second set of error checks run with the first batch so that "Error check complete" becomes a true statement.2. When perusing your list of errors, you can double click on the red error message text and jump right to the offending object. You can then open up and edit that object without closing the error log window. However, to see if your edit worked, you have to close the publishing window and re-publish. I'd like to see a "republish" button added to the error log window that would only become active after you have edited an object. Republish would then run the error check without going through 3 windows.3. When you have errors in your title at publishing time, you get a message stating that you should correct all of your errors before publishing, and the Preview button is greyed out. I would like the Preview button active so that I can preview my broken title in HTML. Sometimes I know I have errors in it, but I need to preview something else first. Other times it is helpful just to be able to view a page in HTML in order to figure out what the error is.4. Along the lines of number 3, I would like the ability to select the name of a page in the publishing/error log window, and preview that specific page in HTML. And I don't want the currently available "preview in browser" feature that publishes the HTML and objects just for that page. I want to be able to view that page in relation to all other pages in the published title. In other words, if I publish a 10 page title, and I were to preview page 7 of 10 in the browser, the next button would take me to page 8 and so forth.5. I've posted this before, but I would love a 1-click, "Fast HTML publish" button. The first time you press it, you would have to establish the publishing parameters for the title, but after that, it would republish your title to HTML using the parameters you set up without taking you through all the screens again.6. I don't think this is possible, because I think this is browser functionality and not Lectora functionality, but they can't say no if I don't ask. I often find that when trouble shooting a course during development, errors occur because I'm carrying variable values from previous viewing sessions through. Would love to see a feature that would automatically reset all variables each time the course is published. I get around this now by including a "reset all variables" button in my development templates which gets removed when I go live.7. Rarely -- and I do mean rarely -- Lectora will crash as I'm in the middle of publishing, usually in the middle of error checking a buggy title (that will teach me to code better). Would love to have the publish to "whatever" include the option to save before publishing. This would be set at the Lectora level (as opposed to the title level) as something a developer could turn on or off. Lectora would then save a title before conducting any error checks.Mark