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Can Lectora remember?

redwing Community Member Posts: 37
I have tried it and it works, but only for 1 page.I have several pages that the student needs to be able to navigate around freely, and then click "return to course" and be back where they left off in the content.An example of this is the Help section, which has 5+ pages. If I put the Back button on the main Help page, that works, but as soon as I navigate to any of the Help sub-pages, I can't put a Back button on them, as it will only take them to the previous page in the Help section....they could just click Back, Back, Back, but that is not very appealing, especially when one of the sections I am about to add is 13 pages. I know this feature is possible in other software, where I work we've done it before. But Lectora just doesn't seem to come with all the features I'm used to. I have to fight it to get simple things done.I realise that I can open the Help section in a new window....I have made that concession for the Glossary section as it is so large, but I do not want any more than 3 windows open....if I have to open a new window for each section, I am liable to get up to 6 windows open!Please help!
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