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Can Lectora remember?

redwing Community Member Posts: 37
Hi there,the course I am building has about 40-ish pages of content, and about 20 pages of stuff like menu, assessment info, help, resources etc. Additional pages that are not strictly part of the course content, but the student will need them.What I want to do is have it so once a student is in the course content pages, and they click to go to, say, the menu page, they can click a button "return to course" and be returned neatly to the page they last visited in the content.Basically it relies on Lectora being able to remember where a student was within the content pages last.Is that possible? How would you do it?Otherwise I will have to either force the student to re-navigate to the content page they were on once they leave the menu, or else I suppose I could open the menu in a new window....but I'm not keen on heaps of windows.Any help greatly appreciated
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