Can Lectora remember?

redwing Community Member Posts: 37
I agree with Kelley.But if it's not feasible to put the additional pages in a new window, you could use a breadcrumb system. In short, you have an action on each of the important pages. When the page shows, you modify a variable (we'll call it x-breadcrumb) to be equal to the name of the page visited. You then assign an action to your "return" button to run an action group. This action group contains several actions, each one navigates to one of your important pages on the condition that x-breadcrumb equals that page's name. Every time the user navigates, he redefines the x-breadcrumb variable. Obviously, you won't want to have x-breadcrumb modified when the user goes out to the help files. Furthermore, you can retain the variable's value between sessions so that if the user logs out and comes back, then he can return to that page. This only works on the user's system though.Kevin
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