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Pick up where a student left off?

dtate Community Member Posts: 46
I did a course on Lectora Online Training on Lectora 2008 and it stopped on me part way thru it for some reason. I blame it on Windows' bugginess but that's not relevant.When I started it up again, it asked if I wanted to pick up where I left off. Made me happy. Then something I saw either here on the forum or on the loosely-termed Help menu gave me the impression I could do that with my own courses.Could someone please tell me how or where I could learn how to do it? My experiences with variables is limited as I've been using Lectora since late June. I got a 100% on the quiz at the end but they really only covered stuff I already learned on my own through trial by fire…or by dissecting the Human Eye and History of the Kite courses that came with Lectora.Thank you so much!
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