removing html names

lmsnfcu Community Member Posts: 16
Thanks for responding Ed.What I want to do is to either remove or alter the HTML name itself for an object. It does seem like a series of Javascript errors at runtime, considering "button1072", among others, is undefined and as far as I know it would be called by JS functions.About the test and calling it: it's an AICC course (files are stored on a local server) launched from TotalLMS. The test is set to randomize 10 questions and is called from a link in an SWF. and the following displays in the Lectora debug window on click:saveVariable for TrivantisEPS to [T]saveVariable for VarPagesInChapter to [10]saveVariable for VarPageInChapter to [~~~null~~~]---- a002_banking_test.html ----What also baffles me is the Lectora source file with the question pages that have no HTML names (all other objects in the course do). This is the course whose test actually works...Thanks,EB
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