Specify list of values for variables

erin Community Member Posts: 94 ♪ Opening Act ♪
Not sure, but I think we're thinking of different things.What I'm referring to would be for the developer, not the end user/learner. For example, in modules that I develop, there are elements (text boxes, images, actions, etc.) that relate to the role of the learner. One (of many!) type of learners we work with is doctors. So, if I have a variable called "Role" and the value is set to "physician", I might have a page where I want something displayed if Role=physician. But, if I put a condition on the action and forget that the value should be "physician" and I instead use the value "doctor" or "doc", then the action won't fire. This could also happen with more than one developer working on a module.So what I would like to see is: when you create a variable, have an option to limit the values associated with it to a list you create. Then when you have conditions elsewhere, when you select the variable, the value field becomes a dropdown list that you would select from.