E-Learning initiatives

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aleXXX -- I'm an e-learning instructional designer and I've been heavily influenced by Michael Allen's work; I *highly* recommend any and all of the following:Michael Allen's E-Learning Library -- The first 2 volumes of what will be a 7-volume set are out now, and they're excellent and well written. They expand on the concepts in... Michael Allen's Guide to E-Learning, which is also great and comes with a CD-ROM of examples.Also, E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate... This is a certificate -- not certification -- program given by Allen Interactions instructional designers, through ASTD. Not cheap, but excellent and you get to see and work with lots of great examples. They also have an advanced one I want to take as soon as it comes nearby.There are lots of great e-learning design resources out there, but I like to recommend Michael Allen's stuff because I think it goes beyond "these are the stages of instructional design and development" and more into how to really create something fun, interactive, and effective. Good luck!Judy