How to Create a "Where Would You Click To

blackcat Community Member Posts: 23
How to Create a "Where Would You Click To...?" QuestionHere's the magic formula:1. Make an entire new page for each question. 2. Import an image of the screen you're testing on.3. Create a multiple choice question with 2 answers. The correct one should be lower case A, incorrect should be lower case B. De-select the Initially Invisible checkbox on the Properties for each to hide them on the screen.4. Create transparent buttons to cover the hot areas on the screen, separate ones for the right and wrong answer areas. In the Button Properties, use on On Click tab, Modify Variable w/ Target would be associated variable for the question, ex. Question_0001. Set Variable Contents to the value to lower case a for the right answer or b for wrong answer. Everything else on the page has to be the wrong answer. Make sure no buttons overlap5. To get feedback to display, add an action to each transparent button, using On Click/Display Message and fill in the message you want displayed.