Drag and Drop doesn't work

tonyz Community Member Posts: 55
As an experienced Authorware developer I hoped lectora would allow me to do many things in the same simplicity that I have enjoyed hitherto.However Drag and drop is sending me potty. I am working on a data security e-learning package. I have three 'good' password and three 'bad' passowrds, so I set up the 'good' to drop on a graphic of a tick (I used text), and had three 'bad' passwords as distractors.As you know, Lectora gives you a drop area for 'correct' answers, and no drop area for the distractors.However when I run the blighter, all that happens is that the first three dragged item whether distractor or not go to the drop area. The next three snap back to their initial position. Not what I expected.Am I missing something fundamental here? I don't want to have to resort to Flash/Actionscript, but I can't see what I am doing wrong.