Drag and Drop doesn't work

tonyz Community Member Posts: 55
You can have a distractor drop area (so the user can drop things in the wrong place) but that does not sound like your need.You have 6 drag items and 3 places you can drop them. So there is only room to drop 3 of the 6. If you want to be able to drop all 6 you need 3 distractor locations as well. What did you expect? Please clarify. Also please clarify what you are trying to get the user to do. At first I thought it was to select the right 3 correct passwords. They would indicate that by dragging them to the drop points. But then you would only need 3 drop points so why would you want them to be able to drag more than three. In addition to what you expected, please explain briefly what you are trying to get the learner to do. Also, check this out to see if it is something that you might could use Enhanced Drag and Drop QuestionEdited By: Ben Pitman on 2008-10-16 22:33:3