Required Question (not inTest)

kathym Community Member Posts: 56
Hi, Ben!Correct, these stand-alone "knowledge checks" are to check comprehension to break up a page-turner! They are not scored or recorded...There is a test at the very end that *is* scored, and that does require that all questions are answered.The Back/Next arrow buttons are hidden for the questions, and a different Back button and Done button show (same as the look of the Test at the end). However, these buttons are simple goto prev/next page functions.So, I can use the normal Back/Next -- no biggie. Feedback still happens if answered, both correctly and incorrectly. However, the user is still not stopped if there is no answer.I tried to set a condition on the DONE button (goto next page only if Question_001 does not contain ) but that stopped it from working altogether. What action would I set for a "Check My Answer" button? Or what condition would I set to prevent the Next button from allowing the user to proceed if the question has not been answered?Thanks!