How can we do compliant video in Lectora?

joejubee Community Member Posts: 323 ✶ Headliner ✶

I was REALLY shocked when I started building my first "test" coures in Lectora and discovered that the video player did not have a closed-caption button.  I mean, video is required to have closed captions to by 508 compliant.  I must say, I'm disappointed in Lectora over this point.

I looked at joejubee's solution and thought that it would be a good way around this.  Problem is (unless I've missed something) you can't use an external HTML if you are exporting to .exe or for cd (which I need to do).

I tried overwriting one of the Lectora video player skins with a .swf player skin from Adobe that featured a Closed Caption control.  This did not work.

Like joejubee said, showing and hidding text boxes and synching them with the video in Lectora isn't practical.

The only other option that I can come up with is to import an animation object (.swf) and in that .swf have a media player component with CC support and load the video in that way.

Are there any other options?  Like I said, this one point alone is enough to sour me on Lectora.  Having closed captions on videos that my compnay produces is a requirement.