How can we do compliant video in Lectora?

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Seems like I'm one of the only ones on this neck of the forum, but I'll post anyway. So Video and Captions, huh? We all know for them to be compliant, they need to be synchronized, right? 2 big problems with that. 1st of all, none of the players used are compliant to my knowledge. Well, maybe they are, but perhaps the way they are embedded isn't, or whatever. Ultimately, none of the video or audio players used seem to be compliant. If using a screen reader, none of the controls (play, pause, etc.) are labeled. So as you tab around, there's no feedback when you highlight a button. I'm guessing that this is a Lectora thing, and not a Windows Media Player (for example) thing because if you run the same video alone using WMP, all the buttons are nicely read by JAWS.Second, captions. Captions are super easy to make and manage when you're not in Lectora. I use MagPie (free from NCAM) to create captions for WMV, QT, Real, FLV. It's awesome 'cause I can caption a 10-minute video in like 15 minutes from start to finish. At the end, I have a nice closed-captioned file to use anywhere. In Lectora, I run into serious problems. Lectora doesn't recognize any of the standard caption files (smil, smi, dfxp xml) nor does it recognize the WMV caption shell of .asx So what do I do? I can't use any standard captions in Lectora. Sure, I can drop in a video, set the video to not display the Lectora controller, create my own controller in Lecora, and add my own text-field captions based on actions and flags/events in the video file, but for a 5-minute video (for example) it's not realistic to create, position and add actions for over 70 text fields and 140 actions to have captions. So that's my dillema. There has to be an easier way. Anyone? Bueler? Bueler? (Still love Lectora though!)Updated- I think I found a solution!Using the JW Media player (awesome!) I was able to add the media player, the swfobject.js, the dfxp.xml caption file, and the flv to the title as an "Additional File" on the page where I wanted the video showm, I added the following code as an external HTML object:
This text will be replaced by the video
var so = new SWFObject('mediaplayer.swf','mpl','320','250','8');so.addParam('allowscriptaccess','always');so.addParam('allowfullscreen','true');so.addVariable('height','250');so.addVariable('width','320');so.addVariable('file','FLVNAME.flv');so.addVariable('audio','true');so.addVariable('captions','CAPTIONSNAME.dfxp.xml');so.addVariable('searchbar','false');so.write('player');And it worked fine, and was MORE than accessible. For more info on this KILLER flv player (isn't the new one in Lectora 2008 a dumbed-down version of this?) check it out here: if I can't post that link, I'm sorry, and feel free to edit at will! Edited By: joejubee on 2008-4-30 14:28:32