Rollover caption

lectora Community Member Posts: 60
Or I wonder if rollover caption meaning "a text/image caption that displays when the mouse is placed is placed over an image/text"?If so, you can use an Action to do that.Let us say you have an image you want a text caption to display beside or below it, well first insert a text block with the respective text inside of it. Then in its properties uncheck "Initially Visible" and check "Always on Top". Name your Text block. (e.g. caption)Then add two actions to the Image. One action to display the caption on Mouse Enter and the other action to hide the caption on Mouse Exit.Action ShowCaption:On: Mouse EnterAction: Toggle Visibility Statetarget: captionAction HideCaption:On: Mouse ExitAction: Hidetarget: captionNow when you hover the mouse over the image, the caption will show and when you move the mouse from over the image the caption will disappear.Note that if accessibility is important to you, the screen reader (e.g. JAWS) will not read the caption.Regards,Edited By: bruman on 2008-4-28 15:14:19