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Better handling of apostrophes in text

I would like to see Lectora do a better job of handling apostrophes in the spell checker.Many of my subject matter experts will write content in MS Word. Knowing that funny things can happen if you paste content from Word directly into Lectora, I paste the content from Word into Notepad (a text editor) and then copy and paste from Notepad into Lectora.If I copy and paste a contraction, such as can't into Lectora and then run the spell check, Lectora tells me that I have a Capitalization error for the letter T, and it automatically suggests that I change the "t" to "T". I have to cancel out of the spell check (which often takes me back to the page where the check was initiated) and then go delete the offending the apostrophe, and then re-type the apostrophe within Lectora. The best way I've found to avoid this is to do a global search and replace (CTRL+H). If I copy the apostrophe from the "can't" and paste it into the Find field, you can see that the apostrophe is slanted a little bit (I believe this is from Word's Smart Quotes "feature"). I then type a single apostrophe into the Replace field, and I get an apostrophe that is straight up and down. Hitting the Replace All button zaps the slanted apostrophes, but it is a manual step that I need to remember to do.Ideally, I would like to see Lectora recognize when an offending type of apostrophe is being pasted in, and replace it with an "acceptable" apostrophe. Barring that, I would like to see the spell check tweaked to recognize that from a grammatical standpoint, the two types of apostrophes should be treated the same way.
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