Synchronized vents for FLV ormat

bobjcc Community Member Posts: 11
I'm on Lectora 2007 at the moment and have looked through the 2008 new features doc to see if this is there...looks like it's not in there yet.I've been trying to use synchronized events with WMV files, but no success as I don't have a tool that allows me to add cuepoints to my WMVs (any suggestions?). I've tried using Camtasia 4 to add markers to my videos and then outputting to WMV, but this doesn't seem to work -- the stuff in the Events tab of the video object is still greyed out in Lectora. Does this feature only work with WMVs that are streamed from a Windows Media Server? This seems like a whole lot of hassle with no success for a format that we don't actually use a lot in our company.So my suggestion is, if possible, to have this same kind of functionality for FLVs, since it is possible for anyone with Flash to easily add cuepoints to the files.Many thanks!Carmen
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