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Visual distinction of Conditionals

kevinelmore Community Member Posts: 162
Sometimes, when dealing with a complex page, there are many actions and/or buttons that are copied and pasted. And these actions may have a conditional applied that don't apply to the actions when duplicated. This has bitten me before, when I wonder why the action didn't fire and learned that I did not remove a conditional.Since conditionals are hidden behind a tab, I wonder if there could be some visual representation to let us know that a conditional applies. For example, a little star or flag on the Condition and Else tabs. Maybe the tabs could be colored. Actually, I would like to see them colored. They can be a subtle green for conditions and a dark red for conditions that aren't valid (such as Running an Action Group that is blank because the page you copied it to doesn't have the original Action Group). That would help me clean up actions at a glance.I'd like to see the navigation pane on the left also show that actions have conditions to save the effort of opening up each action. This could use a star or perhaps an icon of a clacker with an exclamation point or something. This feature would save me a lot of clean-up time. And this would be especially useful for any Lectora developers who inherit projects.Kevin
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