Easy to use fade, move, and zoom cript

jimbush3 Community Member Posts: 15
I have put this together as something that I wanted to use myself and figured I would throw it out there who anyone else who might find it useful. I have put together two seperate scripts, one that allows you to fade in/out text or an image, and one that allows you to fade/move/zoom text or an image. The files are hosted at http://cid-a31db0a6511054af.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Le ctora%20Scripts. They come in pairs (transitions.txt & sample.txt) (fade.txt & sampleFade.txt) and have descriptions on how to use them included.If you have any suggestions on how to improve / add more options to these scripts please let me know. I tried to make them as user friendly to incorporate into Lectora but having to run everything as an external script to get these things done just isn't the best options. We need things like this built-in.