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More transitions

thale Community Member Posts: 60
I have a few scripts hosted on skydrive that offer some fading solutions if anyone is interested in them. They are:imageFader.txt - which will either fade an image in our out.imageFadeZoom.txt - which fades an image in while zooming in, or fades an image out while zooming out.textFader - which will let you fade in or out text.I use these as external html objects using an external text file. Immediately before this external html in the table of contents, I include another external html to declare variables. This consists of custom html of:var imageSRC = "logo2.jpg";var imageID = "logo";var imageVIS = "visible";for either image script, and:var text = "Put text here that you want written to the screen";var textID = "customBox";var textVIS = "hidden";for the text fading script.This way I can reuse these script multiple times and not have to change them at all. I simply declare my variables as necessary before each use. If I declare something as hidden - it will fade in, if i declare something as visible - it will fade out.Re-size and position external html boxes as necessary to get things where you want. Other than that let me know if you have any ideas for different options and I can try to work anything out. Good luck, let me know if you have trouble with these.Edited By: jimbush3 on 2008-3-4 14:25:1
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