Flash Command error

ruprety Community Member Posts: 81
Hemingway, As fas as the javascript line error I am getting, it says line 357 but when I open in dreamweaver it only has 200 lines of code. Aside from that, the big problem I am having is passing a variable from flash to populate a variable in lectora. I found your solution to this in someone elses post that you replied to. I copied your code exactly and it worked fine. I believe you set the score variable to 90 and that info passed over fine to the next page in lectora. So, what we are having trouble with is that we do not want to pass just a number like 90. We have a variable at the end of the test that holds all of the answers of the test in an array. See below: 40:Anger:687,31:Anger:141,34:Anger:156,10:Anger:141,19:Anger :125,6:Anger:125,11:Anger:140,38:Anger:141,21:Anger:156,20:A nger:328,33:Anger:172,30:Anger:141,17:Anger:125,5:Anger:140, 37:Anger:125,9:Anger:156,35:Anger:328,18:Anger:156,26:Anger: 172,12:Anger:141,39:Anger:156,1:Anger:156,32:Anger:172,23:An ger:156,36:Anger:172,8:Anger:156,24:Anger:172,28:Anger:156,2 9:Anger:157,25:Anger:171,3:Anger:172,7:Anger:156,27:Anger:17 2,15:Anger:172,14:Anger:156,16:Anger:172,22:Anger:141,2:Ange r:187,13:Anger:156,4:Anger:141 When we send this over to lectora it seems to not be able to pick this up. Do you have any suggestions why this would be? When I trace the variable in flash I can see the array fine. So I am guessing lectora cannot read this array properly.