Tracking different tests in SumTotal

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cmadigan wrote:

Does anyone know how to get the LMS to recognize which quiz the learner has taken? Is this even possible?
There is no need to add this to the content itself as the SumTotal LMS can split up the course for you, however in a different way. SumTotal has a feature called Tracks. This allows a curriculum to be setup that would direct different courses to different users based on their jobs/audience/organization/domain. The great thing about this is that you can have four groups of users and four quizes. Publish each one separately and add them to the curriculum you build in the LMS. From here a different "Track" can be setup for each group, so when a user registers for the course(curriculum), they will only be allowed to register for the courses available to their track.I know this doesn't exactly answer your question, but why duplicate the efforts of the LMS in your content?