global volume control

katherine Community Member Posts: 53
I have read all of the posted items on this topic but each of them is controlling the volume of flash within a flash movie. All of my audios are in individual flash movies on each page. I have Lectora buttons that control the pause/play of these movies some of the movies have just audio, some have audio with show/hide calls others have audio with animation. I need to have a global variable to be able to control the volume(on/off) of each flash. So if a user clicks sound off button it will turn off the volume (setVolume(0))but will allow the flash to continue to play and if the user goes to the next page the audio volume will continue to be off (even though it is a new flash movie) and if the user changes his/her mind he/she can click the sound on button and the audio will play (setVolume(100))By default I have a variable "sound" set to 1 (on) and if the user clicks on the sound off button it is set to 0 (off). What other coding do I need to send to my flash audio so it will go mute when the user clicks the sound off button? Also what coding do I need to place in my flash audio to check for this variable at the beginning to see if the volume should be set to 0 or 100?All help will be appreciatedCurrently working with Flash 8 (the client will not allow higher than 7 published) and Lectora 2005 or 2006 – will migrate to 2008 but the client has only tested 2005 and has approved this version with their LMS.Katherine