2008 Lectora w/Template-Scroll Bar Issue

axelgaarder Community Member Posts: 3
Hi all-- I am a brand new trial user of Lectora 2008 Publisher and started a course using a template wizard. Now I have text boxes within pages and want to use the vertical scroll bar. The text is fine in edit, and yuck in 'run' or 'preview', the text becomes overlayed as you scroll. I noticed one previous post where someone took off an image below her text block and life was good.My fear is that the template, which has a bottom gif, is going to mess up all attempts at a scroll box.Any fixes? I did change the property on the bottom gif on the master file to 'go down one layer' to allow the text box on the unique pages to be 'on top.'Didn't help...        Thanks for any suggestions! axelgaarder