2008 Lectora w/Template-Scroll Bar Issue

axelgaarder Community Member Posts: 3
Use the Preview in Browser button instead. The Run and Preview buttons are running in a mode created by Lectora and do not always match exactly the way a browser will show them. Objects at the page level are always behind objects at the chapter level which are always behind objects at the page level UNLESS they have the "always on top" property checked.Unless you have to, do not overlay things on top of a vertical scroll text box. I too have heard of problems but not experienced them myself. If the bottom .gif is decoration, can you delete it? Most likely when you do your own real stuff, you will not have anything down there. While many people do it, and eye movement goes from upper left to lower right in the US, there are now new considerations.When this idea was developed, the internet was not very popular as it is today. People were not used to scrolling the page. or looking at the bottom or knowing to look for navigation at the top. Today we do!One of the main reasons to design your pages with the bottom clear is so you can expand your pages vertically when needed. People will handle it just fine if told to scroll. (the same is NOT true of horizontal scrolling).