Attaching Word Docs

aprilmay55 Community Member Posts: 31
Sure... and I agree, it's a much simpler task in Articulate...First, open properties at the title level, and click on the additional files tab. Click on "Add Files" and browse to the file you want to include. (Trivantis support told me it's best not to have any spaces in the file name.)Next, you'll need a button or icon somewhere in your title that will call the document. Once you have it on your page, open its properties. Select the "On Click" tab.The Action is "Go To."The Target is "Web Address."The Web Address is the exact file name that you loaded at the title level.Make sure the box for "Open in New Window" is checked.That's it. You won't be able to test it in preview, though. You'll have to publish to SCORM, load it up, and test from your server or LMS.Hope this helps!Best Regards,Dave