Next button code

ruprety Community Member Posts: 81
I am using Lectora 2008 with SP1.Can anyone tell me if adding javascript code similar to the code above (to by executed at the end of a Captivate movie) would automatically go to the next page in Lectora?I have a series of 6 Captivate movies that will each be on thier own seperate pages. When each movie ends, I need to automatically go to the next page. I have tried the "On Done Playing" Action, but it does not seem to work properly (it jumps to the next page about 2 seconds into the Captivate movie). I do not have any pauses or breaks in the Captivate movie and I do not know why it is doing this. I do not want to use the delay action, because the user can pause the movie if needed. I do not want it to jump to the next page in the middle of the movie. Can anyone help?