Next button code

ruprety Community Member Posts: 81
First, you need to find out the object id of your next button (I really wish that Trivantis folks would add some reserved id's so we could always know how to target certain objects). You do this by first selecting File > Preferences and in the General tab ensuring that 'Show HTML published object names in object properties' is checked. Then select OK.In your title, right click your Next button and select properties. In the upper right corner of the tab your button name should appear. Write this down.You'll want to trigger a function like this from your Captivate button: button13884.actionShow();Even better, refer to an external JS function like this:function showNext(){button13884.actionShow();     }So you call showNext() from your button.You don't really need to do this, but I have made a habit of creating an external JS file I call core_functions_Lectora.js. I include this in my title and add a JS object to include it:Inside of this file I include any custom functions I want to call by name from Flash. For example:function goMain(){trivExitPage( 'a001_course_introduction_main_menu.html', true );}function hideNext(){button13884.actionHide();}function showNext(){button13884.actionShow();}This way, if I change something in my title I change the references in the external JS file and not going back into the Flash file.BE VERY CAREFUL not to put any JS calls in the first frames of your Flash Movie. This shouldn't cause problems, however in IE on slower connections you will start to see all kinds of wacky inconsistent display issues.