Low Cost Training and Add-ons for Lectora

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Low Cost Training and Add-ons for Lectora DevelopersMany people say while attending a $500 course or a conference "If I just get 2 or 3 good ideas it will be worth it." Well, for about $32 you can nearly 150 ideas in the Tips, Techniques,and Secrets. NewRandomize Multiple Choice Answers Creating Powerful Scenario-Based Courses Text Symbols (Symbolic replacement in text blocks)Have You Missed These?Hidden Training Costs   (Free)Guide to Using the Lectora Library   (Free)How to Protect Your Lectora Files Against Disaster   (Free)Guide to Lectora - JavaScript Communication Tips,Techniques,Secrets Vol 1 Tips,Techniques,Secrets Vol 2 Tips,Techniques,Secrets Vol 3 - Translation Tips,Techniques,Secrets Vol 4 - Lectora 2007 & 2008 ABCs of Creating Engaging courses Lectora 2007 New Features   (Free)Lectora 2008 New Features   (Free)Course Progress Techniques Date Handling Tracking Pages Enhanced Drag & Drop Question Formatted Table of Contents Secrets Multiple Bookmarks Global Audio Control Sliding Movement Window Controller Tips & Tricks Toolkit   (Free)Number 1 Training Mistake   (Free)Better Training Using Bloom   (Free)Rectangular HotSpot Question And LOTS more!Click the link below, then Productivity menu > Web-store direct. Look around.Edited By: Ben Pitman on 2008-10-16 22:53:3