Fade in object cript

jimbush3 Community Member Posts: 15
I know that you can fade in/out over any background using IE, but I haven't tried any code to let you do this in Firefox, etc. Here is some code that will allow you to fade in over any background, I'll do some more testing on Monday to see about other browsers.function fadetoview(objname){     var objholder=document.getElementById(objname)     objholder.filters[0].apply()       objholder.style.visibili ty="visible"     objholder.filters[0].play()}document.write('
');fadetoview('fadehere');I put this together fast out of some old stuff I had worked on so it can probly be tweaked, but it works. Change the img src to your image name and make sure to include it as an additional file to the external html. Good luck.Edited By: jimbush3 on 2008-2-29 17:19:21