Fade in object cript

jimbush3 Community Member Posts: 15
After messing around with possible ways to fade in pictures into my projects I put together this simple script that will fade in an object.Insert an External HTML file and name it "Fade In Object" (must be named this to work). Set it as Always on Top. Your html should be Object Type: Other and contain this script:     document.write('
     var objholder=document.getElementById('fadehere')     objholder.filters[0].apply()        objholder.style.visibility="hidden"     objholder.filters[0].play()I have mine in an external text file so I can just link to it any time I need a fade. It reads the height and width of your External HTML Object and fades in an area exactly that size. This way you can adjust the area that fades by re-sizing the External HTML Object. It is easy to customize too, you can change background color to whatever you need, fade duration, and also make it fade objects out by switching the visibility: visible/hidden tags.Hope this helps out anyone else who has been having trouble with fades.Edited By: jimbush3 on 2008-2-14 11:15:9