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Not to whine bc I LOVE Lectora, but I wish that you guys could look into adding cooler looking graphics to choose from.Also, some more attractive arrows and callouts or voice bubbles would be nice too. My client made me take out callout boxes I got from your internal graphics collection. Checkout the stamps that come with Snag It for ideas. I "snag" from there all the time.Also, large selling point would be if you could have sequences of business people doing things. Like the same man/woman in a suit answering phone, working at desk, in a meeting, etc. That is SO needed. I always have to flip my graphics to try and make them look diff bc I can rarely find more than one of a person on a reasonably priced graphics site unless I want to spend a fortune.Thanks.Edited By: kelechim on 2008-1-24 17:23:40