New to Flash...

longj4669 Community Member Posts: 92
I have some pretty general questions re: Flash/Swish and Lectora... I'm familiar with the basics of Lectora, creating a title, adding audio, etc; however, I've never gotten into code writing or integrating Flash to a course. Here are my questions...> We are not using a streaming media server for course delivery. While working for a previous employer - also w/o a streaming server, my work with Lectora had audio included, but we found the response/load time was extremely slow (simple wma or wav files used).Current employer looks to include audio and video, which, for me, poses a challenge to my knowledge in these areas...> To ease the load time for a course, can a Lectora course, including audio and video, be converted entirely to Flash? If not, how should I be utilizing Flash/Swish in Lectora and what are the benefits?For some of you, I know this is basic stuff...I'm just starting to get my feet wet with the more advanced options for eLearning delivery. Thanks for any input you can offer.