New to Flash...

longj4669 Community Member Posts: 92
Paul,I too experienced the same problems as you with long load times, etc. with the mp3 audio I was using. I caught on that anything that is Flash automatically streams, without a streaming media server, so I now convert audio and video to flash. I searched online and bought an mp3 to swf converter ($30 from Hoo Technologies). The swf files play great in Lectora. I think there are converters out there for all media types to convert to swf.For videos I bought Adobe Premiere Elements ($70) and use that to edit my videos and export them to flv. In Lectora 2006 it took some doing to get the videos to work as I had to find an flv player, but I searched the forum for flv player and a forum member also helped me out. I just upgraded to Lectora 2008 and it contains it's own flv player which is very slick. It's now easier than ever to use flash media.Hope this helps,RussEdited By: rhall01 on 2008-1-30 14:52:16